FEBRUARY 2008 FEATURED VEHICLE: 2005 Grand Prix White Carrera GT


The process consisted of covering  all panels and with each panel  protected in one piece to maintain as seamless of an application possible.

The proud owner of this Carrera GT also had a few things he wanted to share with us:

"I've been working exclusively with Sammy, Wilson, Kris and the rest of the Premier team for my paint protection needs for approximately 3 years now. I first met them when I purchased my '04 Ferrari Challenge Stradale. The paint on the Ferrari was surprisingly fragile and chipped bright white. I was historically anti-film but I'd seen

Premier's work on another Stradale and I was sold. My friends and I couldn't believe the results - the car was flawless and I could enjoy it without fear of chips and repaints!

I sold the Stradale and bought a '07 Porsche GT3 RS and like the Ferrari the paint had an uncanny penchant for chipping. In fact I'd seen several RS's with less than 1000 miles that had been peppered with paint chips. I decided that rather than repaint the car on a regular basis I'd do a full custom install - my Stradale had about 50% coverage. Once again Premier's work was unparalleled. Even dealers were amazed at the quality of Premier's work!

I recently had Premier protect my '05 Carrera GT, one of only 5-6 in White CGTs in North America. Once again I chose a full custom install. However in this instance custom was somewhat of a misnomer. I knew Premier had already protected a bunch of CGTs. What I didn't realize is that mine was approximately the 30th they'd done!! Of course the work is flawless and I can enjoy the car without worry.

I choose Premier for their innovative work, customer service, and use of the latest technology.  It’s clear to me that Premier is the best in the paint protection business but what really sets them apart is their follow up (nothing short of perfection is acceptable), their attention to detail (unparalleled), their customer service (they go out of their way to make miracles happen for their customers) and their professional approach to business. However most importantly I feel like part of the Premier family. I look forward to events and customer appreciation days. I'm uncertain what I'll buy next but no doubt the first drive will be straight to Premier’s shop for a full custom install."

~ Josh

Our team here at Premier prides ourselves in producing the most seamless installations in the industry / globally.  The work performed with this Carrera GT is no different, which was displayed at the Danville d’Elegance in Danville, CA.  where most participants could not even locate the seams of our film installation.